Hello everyone. It warms my heart to see that there are so many traditional 2D animation fans out there. Unfortunately in our technologically advancing society, people are finding ways to make things cheaper and quicker. What they don't realize, (or perhaps they do and don't care) is that the soul of their creations is being lost. I am drawn to this hobby (No pun intended) because what I am collecting is not only a beautifully eyecatching work of art but also a unique piece of animation history. Yes I do spend alot of money, and believe me I hear it from my girlfriend every time I buy, but these cels I feel can be enjoyed by everyone and I myself never tire looking at them daily. Ergo, I view them as money well spent. Your comments are always welcome and I am always open to offers and sales that may line my coffers so I can purchase more of these acetate gems. Thank you so much for visiting this site and I hope that you enjoy my cels as much as I do. Feel free to contact me.


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5/21/2006Vanhelsing 2D Art now open.

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Akira 6/10/2006
He-Man 6/15/2006
Ninja Scroll 8/13/2006
The Last Unicorn 6/10/2006
Thundercats 6/15/2006
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 10/26/2006

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